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5-step keyed approach to know more about the functions of a digital marketing agency for best marketing results for your business

How would you choose to market your product online? You know it all. Either in-house marketing team or hire a digital marketing company. Sometimes you think that digital marketing agency consulting services is the best you have to be able to easily promote your products. because of the fact that they are so professional and knowledgeable that they know how to tap each type of target audience.

Step #1.

A view on full service digital marketing agency

To understand about the significant facts of digital marketing, you need to know what it does?

– A marketing strategy can be uniquely developed by digital marketing services.

– Digital channels like social media, content, SEO, video are very powerful to communicate with your audience.

– Nearly 96% of all smartphone search traffic comes from Google.

– Google has a massive success in achieving nearly 94% of total organic traffic.

– Enterprise and medium sized companies trust technical SEO and content development to increase and have search presence.

– Search engines drive nearly 93% of all website traffic.

– Four words or more is the basic search

– Audience expect a website to load in just two seconds time.

– Adding a video thumbnail in search results enables to achieve double traffic in search results.

– 82% of searchers use their phone for online store purchase.

– Google records 63,000 searches every second.

Step #2.

Digital Marketing Agency Services

On a global scale, 27% of all websites are built on WordPress and only 40% of wordpress sites are up to date. There you see !

You have a great potential to get going to update your wordpress site to beat the competition

for traffic.

This can be easily done if you hire a full service digital marketing agency. Link building is the most difficult SEO technique to execute, according to 65% of marketers.

It was also found that 86% of people use Google maps to find directions to a specific location

If we keep researching we come across so many other facts in respect of digital marketing services.

Especially content marketing is much more effectively done with online marketing services.

There you see, a huge potential opportunity to choose an efficient digital marketing agency consulting services.

While there are many interesting facts that surprise you as to how a business can generate fast-paced results online, you would rather consider digital marketing agency services in the first place for business promotion.

Step #3.

Highlights of online marketing services

– Content marketing

– Technical SEO

– Social media promotion

– Video marketing

– Ad campaigns

– Email marketing

Step #4.

Higher Profitability

A full service digital marketing agency generates most compelling results through digital channels. This promisingly attractive feature adds plenty of benefits for your brand as it includes sales funnel, marketing mix, KPIs and metrics to measure and evaluate each campaign.

A startup or a growing business, you need changing digital marketing strategies that bring productive results over a period of time.

Especially digital marketing offer is much attractive for your clients as you offer trials, limited period access, and much more.

As the world of Internet marketing works online constantly,  with the digital marketing services, sales get generated and also the profits.

Step #5.

The Process

The process in which digital marketing consultancy services work is – first they submit their digital marketing services offer, budget and projected results. This includes, conversion rate, leads, sales, clicks, audience  reach, engagement, traffic to website etc.

Especially, the results produced via content marketing are staggering.

Let’s see some:

Content marketing brings more leads (at least three times) than paid search advertising.

– Finding customers is the key. To be able to accomplish this, content creation is the most efficient and effective way to do it.

– Using stories in your content can bring nearly bring 57% of results.

– Buyer personas play a crucial role.


Following rules, strategies and proven techniques can surely accomplish business goals and objectives. Choosing and relying on the services of a full service digital marketing agency is certainly worthwhile.  Blogging, article promotion, SEO article writing and press release, landing pages are some of the profitable strategies that bring targeted results.

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