Digital Marketing Strategies Helped Improve Web Traffic for A Prominent Client

When discussing digital marketing strategies, it is first important to begin with your current strategies. Let’s talk about Google Analytics – How’s your bounce rate? If it is below 40 percent, it is good. If it is between 40 – 70 percent, you need to work on your website design, content, framework and other aspects. Secondly, promotion also plays a vital role.

Checking through Analytics, you get a whole view of your website performance on the Internet, hour-by-hour. Your audience and elements of various sections reveal the entire performance of your website.

Further lead generation, lead nurturing and lead capture being the purpose of marketing strategies, you would have to work on it thoroughly to produce best results.

Working on effective digital marketing strategies can certainly deliver successful results. However, these have to be carefully designed based on buyer persona, buying behavior, browsing interests and marketing categories that can earn traffic to your website and thereby clicks and lead generation.

Email marketing continues to be one of the effective digital marketing strategies for lead nurturing as it increases personalization.

Let’s first understand how leads work:

Lead generation – It encourages a prospect to provide contact information to create a richer form of follow-up engagement.

Lead capture – First we learn about the prospect and we can engage them while nurturing their interests and develop it into something more tangible.

Case Study of a client

 One of our clients’ Mega Health Tipsis into the promotion of vitamins and luxury care cosmetics for women who launched her website on WordPress and we helped her with the implementation of various digital marketing strategies and we are going to briefly share how we help our clients with successful traffic.

Initially we started with content marketing by publishing long-form blog posts with selective SEO keywords as part of our marketing strategies.

While creating content we ensured that the content had exclusive discussion on niche products with unique SEO keywords and the content was focused on helping the audience with their questions, problems and clarifications.

For example, there were many vitamin products like – Vegan Multivitamin, Iron + Vit C, Vegan Omega-3, Magnesium, Iodine and each of these products had a descriptive content for the audience to find a lot of detailed content for them to read and understand.

It was all about vitamins and how these are prepared, health benefits, content and how these would promote health among different age groups.

As part of our digital Marketing Strategies, we initiated promoting the content in various channels, social media and reviewed the products on YouTube.

We felt this was one of the essential tasks to do in digital marketing strategies for business. We worked on a content calendar that has details of blog post titles, primary keyword, secondary and LSI keywords along with promotional plans.

We were implementing a digital marketing strategy framework on Facebook page, Instagram page and LinkedIn. Each work of content promotion was part of digital marketing strategy with a purpose.

Initially we saw 200-300 clicks everyday and on a 90-day calendar we saw steady and progressive increase in traffic that touched 5000 clicks per day there by making way to lead generation.

The goal of our client was both lead nurturing and lead generation. So, we were looking for a lead magnet and SEO for organic traffic.

We initiated digital marketing tactics like best timing for posting, the behavior of the audience and their engagement with content and interests through Google Analytics. We worked on contact form, online chat and health quiz and videos.

This has engaged the audience very well and our client began to receive leads. She wanted good results in a span of 90-days time and we were able to deliver her with our newly researched niche product and give our complete support in digital marketing strategies.


However, we believe that effective digital marketing strategies cannot be similar for every business and they vary from product. It is important that we have a digital marketing strategy plan, proposal and execution plan with forecast of results that give us scope for making corrections, having Plan A and Plan B and alternative marketing methods for producing optimum results. We are also of the opinion that when content rules for your business, search engine and audience consistently reach your business for buying your products. This is the best result that we can achieve with digital marketing strategy

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