How do companies do quality testing new software?

Global automation testing has a market of 12.6 Billion in 2020 and is expected to grow to USD 28.8 Billion by 2024 at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 18.0%. A Software testing company takes the responsibility of quality testing technique with the help. of software tools.  There are two kinds of Software testing services  – automation testing and manual testing. While automation testing is done with specific software tools, manual testing is done by software testing experts by working on computer systems executing the test apps. Detailed test reports are generated when test data is entered into the System Under Test.  This requires both finance investment and resources.

If there are successive development cycles, it requires the same Software testing services repeatedly using a test automation tool.  This does not require any human interaction.

Why Software Testing?

To check the quality,  functioning, operational results, effectiveness, execution speed and sometimes  to identify bugs in coding, testing is necessary. 

Automation testing preferred over manual testing due to the fact that –

– Negative scenarios, work flow process,  and other testing tasks are time consuming

– Prone to human errors

The advantages of automation testing are –

– Increases the speed with which it works

–  Runs 24/7 for the purpose of testing

– Increases the test coverage

– high efficiency and accuracy

How does a Software testing services company works?

Best software company follows the steps involved in Automation Process are –

– Selection of Test Tool

– Defining the scope of automation

– Planning, design and development

– Test execution

– Maintenance

Software development companies in Hyderabad follow a process in selecting test tools depending on the technology and the scope of AUT (Application Under Test). Some of the scope features are:

– The features are important for your business

– Scenarios to handle large amount of data

– Common functionalities across applications

– test cases complexity and  ability to use the same test cases

In the phase of planning, design and development – Top software testing  companies follow the process of –

– Selection of automation tools

– Framework design and its features

– The In-and-out-of scope of automation

– Automation test preparation

– Schedule and Timeline

– Delivery of Testing Results

App testing company when performing  test execution, executes automation scripts which means – the input test script is incorporated before it is set to run. Once it is executed they provide detailed test reports.

The execution is performed with automation tool either directly or through the Test Management Tool which will raise the automation tool.

Best testing company in India practice the final.phase – Test automation maintenance approach – which is carried out to test whether the new functionalities added to the software are working effectively. Maintenance automation testing is executed when automation scripts are added and these have to be reviewed and maintained to improve the effectiveness of automation scripts with each subsequent cycle.

Software testing services is all about setting guidelines of Framework and these help in:

– Maintaining consistency in Testing

– Improve test structuring

– Minimum use of code

– Less maintenance of code

– Improve re-usability

– Those from non-technical test background can participate in the code

– Data is involved appropriately

– The use of tool training period can be reduced

–  The four frameworks used in automation testing are –

– Data Driven Automation

– Keyword driven automation

– Modular automation

– Hybrid automation

Top Testing  companies follow the best practices of automation Tool and these are:

– define the scope of the project

– select the right automation tool

– Choose appropriate framework

– Create uniform scripts, comments, and indentation of code

– Handle exceptions – error logging and user-defined messages

Metrics of success – defects found, Customer Satisfaction Index, Productivity improvement, time taken for automation testing.


Software company offers innumerable Software testing services and especially in automated testing. These include

– 70% faster than manual testing

– reliable results

– consistency

– saving in time and cost

–  improve accuracy

– Increases efficiency

– Better speed in execution tests

– Frequent and thorough testing

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