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Top 10 Web Application Development Frameworks?

Technology is gigantic and majestic. Because it works wonders. Talk about business or marketing, technology has its unique application. Especially, Artificial Intelligence, IoT and Machine Learning have transformed cyberspace. So, how can we understand web application development? What’s in it?

A web framework (WF) or web application framework (WAF) is a software framework that is designed to support the development of web applications including web resources, web services, web APIs, and web frameworks that aim to automate the overhead associated with common activities performed in web development.

Also known ADF (Application Development Framework) is a framework built on Java J2ee technology.  The primary purpose of ADF is to ensure that developer teams can rapidly build applications in mostly drag and drop model instead of large segments of code.

For the purpose of  Custom web application development, there are nearly 10 Web Application Development Frameworks (WAF)s with sophisticated techniques.

Using these frameworks is endorsed by many developers globally with an approach to build rich and interactive web applications.

A web-app has a backend that works on the server-side and a frontend which works on the client-side..

Best Backend Frameworks:

1. Express?

The very popular Node.js, Express is rapidly becoming in-demand framework and has already gained recognition in IBM, Accenture, Uber and many other companies. Further, it is also compatible with other frameworks such as Loopback, Sails, Kraken etc.

Express does not work with any opinions, but it takes pride for fast and minimal framework.  coming with a lot of flexibility and robust performance of the asynchronous Node.js, supports other applications as well as Rest API also.

2. Django

Django is a Model-view Template framework that primarily works with Python for web development. Big brands such as Google, YouTube, Instagram use this framework.  Apart from Django’s security which is an important feature, it also provides tools and techniques for developers to build a secure website.

3. Rails

Rails is a model-view-controller framework that uses Ruby and this is a very popular framework that is most appreciated by many developers. Airbnb, Gitbnb, Hulu, and Shopify are primary users of Rails. As a beginner-friendly framework, it helps beginners to get started with web development quickly and there are also many library-like dependencies that extend the functionalities of your application.

4. Laravel

Laravel is a Model-view-controlller framework that uses PHP, which is a very popular languages of the web. Laravel comes with API support.  The frontend technologies in the Laravel ecosystem that is definitely beginner’s first choice.

5. Spring

Used by many Top web development company,  Spring is a Model-view-controller framework that uses Java, which is an all-time popular language, popular websites like Wix, TicketMaster, and BillGuard are users of this framework. 

Now let us find out more about frontend Javascript Frameworks.

6. Angular

Angular is a front-end framework. It specializes in building rich Single-page applications.  This is a bright framework capably builds client-side applications and there’s much to do and learn in Angular.

7. React

React is a frontend library, but many developers understand it as a framework.  React is the first to adopt the component-based architecture that Angular and Vue, and many other Frameworks started to adopt later.

8. Vue

Vue.js is the new rising JS framework and is becoming trendy now. There are many good aspects about Vue. It is a progressive framework.

9. Ember

Ember earned its name as the best Javascript framework in 2015. It has a very big community and is expanding in features,  and releases.


Backbone is a very light front-end framework to build rich single-page applications.

 These top 10 Web application development software are found to be very useful and deliver rich features and functionalities for the benefit of Web and app development.

Top web development company that offer Web application development services is greatly in demand for Web application development software. This specific Web application development technology used in Web Application Development is quite rewarding in its results.

Picking a particular framework and start working on it gives a unique experience in Web application development services and it works across different languages.

It is also quite worth notifying that brand companies are always working on something new to migrate and therefore there’s no end to this effort.

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