Consulting and Staffing Services

Consulting and staffing services

Staffing and consulting services have a major role in the functioning of an organization. A small startup, SME or a large enterprise, you need staff. Hiring and recruitment being a huge process that involves lot of costs, some startups and SMEs may choose short-term workers whom we provide with for their specific projects and tasks. This delivers benefits of reducing costs, access to quality labor, and regulating organizational functions.

Consulting comes with a different responsibility. As a consultant we offer a unique perspective to our clients to guide them on specific issues. The structure and tenure of this service may last up to six months or less or sometimes remain part-time.

KBK Solutions offers a comprehensive range of IT consulting and staffing services. With our exclusive IT consulting and staffing services, we help our clients to effectively create, manage, optimize and scale up their business.

Key Benefits in Staffing Services

Our staffing services are highly dedicated towards assisting the HRs of any business to find right talent at ease which could fit the business. Our workforce works round the clock to find the right candidates which could meet the specific requirements of the respective business.

We offer flexible staffing services:

  • Contract Staffing
  • Contract-to-hire
  • Staffing
  • Direct Hire Staffing

We work in the following steps:

  • Identify the candidates
  • Short listing and screening them
  • Placement and follow up

These are the crucial steps which we do not miss at any cost. Thus, we make sure to meet all your business objectives and work through the achievement of goal-driven results.

Our IT Consulting Services

Our IT Consulting services include work visa consultation, education visa consultation, business visa consultation. If you are looking to work or study in United States but are not sure what is the right option available for you, contact us. We will give you exact information for your query. We deal in various employment based/ work permit and investment visas like H1B, L1, J1, EB1, EB2, EB3, EB5, Green Card Visas. For education consultation, we provide knowledge and assistance on the queries related to any stream for the students.

We work in association with legal advisors who take care of the legal formalities for the approaching candidates and make sure that there remains no loop hole in the entire process.

Why services are necessary?

Among various reasons - hiring for IT consulting services is essential with the fact that IT skill requires specialized learning and sometimes it comes as a shortage. Offering consulting advice can be a great help. Especially, of it is development area, it requires specialization in software. Therefore, IT consulting services are very crucial.

In the aspect of IT staffing services, lack of having a human resource department or inadequate budget for staff services, can often lead to choose private staffing services. This means your business can hire staff for a limited period of time.

It saves costs and also enables the achievement of business tasks and job functions much easier. Additionally, there may be a rise in need of experts to perform executions of a specific project and hiring becomes necessary at that point of time.

Therefore, the needs and requirements may vary from time to time and accordingly IT staffing services are considered by you.

Key Benefits

  • Set a strategy for accessing the services for the purposes of staff and consulting differently.
  • Set objectives and goals with a specific purpose
  • Accomplish the task successfully
  • Identify unique needs and work on those accordingly
  • Understand the short term and long term needs and work towards accomplishment.
  • Deliver complete benefits of staffing agency services
  • Professional advice, negotiation, identifying a problem, choosing staff, mentor and training, initiating a change, reviving an organization, providing expertise.

With the key benefits we offer, you will be able to operate your business in streamlined fashion and aim for higher goals.

Hiring staff, consulting and social media are equally essential assets for your business. Taking better initiative and steps to plan, monitor and review can certainly fetch better impact.

We work on your behalf to get you to your targets and we apply every key-turn solutions, our expertise speaks of.

Significance of Social Media Consulting Services

Social media is huge and you can achieve a lot of success in your business by setting your business goals. Social media works to your fullest benefit and it helps in generating ses, revenue, promotion, awareness, advertising and marketing.

Each social media platform works with a set of marketing strategies and when you set these according to the target audience, personas and social listening with the available social media tools, you're likely to accomplish positive impact.

Choosing social media consulting services can also be a difficult task as you have to check the credentials, testimonials, reviews and online reputation of the vendor before hiring. We have been offering in this business line for 14 years now and having taken up several social media works, we are confident and well-tuned in undertaking major social media projects.

Why Choose us?

As witnessed by most of B2B, B2C and e-commerce companies, either the skill shortage or increased labor costs have become a hindrance in choosing staffing and recruitment process. As a result, apparently, staffing agency services have become the best option available. This is where we apply our our very keen and apt skills to critically examine your need before proceeding further for hiring staff for you.

Our clients who received our staffing agency services have experienced our benefits of getting their works rapidly done and in improving business efficiency.

Additionally in the segment of consulting and staffing we perform a thorough market study and research prior to the stage of referring any standardized advice or recommendation for better efficiency. We also make sure that only proven methods that drive positive results are suggested to you to lessen the burden of risk and improve scope of productivity.