The future of IT development services starts with your enterprise. For a chain of key solutions and scalable operations, there are innumerable software technologies that aptly suit your business operations. Gone were the days when time consumption was at large to configure and build an app or custom software. Now with much advanced in-built enterprise solutions available in technologies like ServiceNow and Oracle, your functionalities become much more agile and conducive.

The Unlimited Potential

IT and software development services create a business atmosphere that entirely streamline your business with transparency with digitization at the forefront. Starting with the framework, lifecycle, planning and documenting before undertaking programming and testing, the objectives and purposes are first structured.

This process further followed by engineering the software development, prototyping, quality testing before finally it is tested by you. Your specific needs become our priority. Quality control in software development has been most crucial for its long-term success.

We tap into several approaches to software project management that span across - life cycle.models, processes, methodologies, and we choose from waterfall model to agile software development depending on your business goals.

The conglomeration of IT security services

The domain of IT security services is huge and its applications comes in different forms. Specifically with Machine Learning, NLP, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence playing a pivotal role the aspect of securitization and data scrutiny have become much more crucial for the success of your business.

Therefore, accessing one or more security assets for data protection, security assurance, governance, risk assessment and management, compliance etc..have become a necessity for data breach and online reputation.

Modus Operandi

The methodology with which we work involves several stages of software development. We segment the entire process into eight stages:

  • Problem analysis : Critically examine the problem and do SWOT analysis
  • Perform market research: Conduct a market study with tools
  • Collect requirements for the proposed business solution
  • Chart out a plan for development of software based solution
  • Implement the coding of software
  • Test the quality
  • Final approval
Key Benefits
  • Short-term planning with long-term benefits is what we call with the fact that each approach comes with a set of solutions that fix your business need.
  • For instance - Waterfall based approach assesses a majority of risks and develops a detailed plan for the software before coding begins.
  • Building solutions for every type of problem is the main core idea.
  • When a problem is understood at its best, we trust that the emergence of IT solutions is also at its best.

There are plenty of sources of ideas along with software products that span from Java, Javascript, Hadoop, PHP, Magento, Python, Android, iOS, Salesforce, Devops, Oracle and many more. Each of our team member specialized in these software are critically acclaimed for their unique expertise in IT software development services.

A view on IT Service Companies in Hyderabad

The trends in market are prone to change rapidly even with the stiffening of challenges that come up during the functions of business. However, it has been our practice to keep pace with the needs of our clients and deliver advantages to make your business agile and function-friendly. Aimed to this juncture, we collaborate with you to empower your business in every aspect to be at a greater advantage and flexibility.

We make a difference with the way work and use different technologies to our benefit. Not only in terms of standardizing a huge set of services, but also in adding features and feasibility.

We bring a change as an expert and leader in IT solutions company in Hyderabad, a city known for top IT talent among IT services in India. We are unique in skill in a way that our fundamental approach to the technology comes with a priority and not secondary.

We are capable in the following IT development discipline:

Mobile Application Development

Build robust mobile applications in Android and iOS platforms that expand your business exponentially. Web Application Development

With the accumulation of assets, assist businesses in developing strong web applications.

Software Testing and QA

Provide on shore and offshore testing and QA services through which we identify the bottlenecks of your developed software and help it improve in quality.

UI and UX Development Services

Offer outstanding UI and UX development services with our extensive resources in which we are well-versed and also certain essential tools like Adobe Illustrator, iOS interface builder, Sketch, HTML5 and many more.

PHP Development

Our PHP bundle of services include - Custom PHP, PHP CMS and PHP frameworks. With excellent technical team, we build effective PHP framework that meet every objective for your business.

Why Choose us?

Established in 2006, KBK Business Solutions is ISO-9001 Certified company that undertakes mini-to-major IT projects meeting the target needs of startups, SMEs and big enterprises. We understand your IT needs and customize with personalized approach. We explore indepth research thoroughly and process the results towards a better alignment of IT solutions.

With many clients on our side, we have witnessed the usability, scalability and flexible use of our app and web applications that are still in use for high end benefits. Additionally, the deployment and maintenance is yet another benefit we offer for extended period unlike any other IT company in Hyderabad.

Though time consuming, maintenance of software comes with a greater responsibility where discovering faults can take time to fix and correct. In many cases, we have seen the reported issues are fixed and the software resumes to its running.

The highlights of our services:

  • Careful planning, coding and testing
  • In-time delivery
  • Regular maintenance
  • Troubleshooting
  • Resuming operations in a quick turnaround time
  • Ensuring proper overseeing of solutions
  • Excellent customer support and service
  • Professionally trained team with vast acumen of IT skills
  • Capable of developing most ideal solutions that meet the demand
  • Apply key software product planning for critical development process
  • Deliver multiple benefits of reducing risk, promote growth and enable streamlined operations