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PHP Development

KBK Business solutions - regarded as one of the best PHP frameworks for building high-quality elite PHP web development services to all its clients over the world.

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About PHP Success

PHP development is widely in use and mostly in demand in the present stance of web design trends. Some of the best key factors to choose it are - easily written in scripting language, specially designed for skilled website development and picked as one of the most preferred programming language. Ideally suited for website development. Being to similar to Microsoft Active Server Pages (MSP) , Java Servlets, and Cold Fusion Module and easily embedded into HTML code. Finally it supports wide range of databases with economy, speed and simplicity.

PHP - a supportive framework. That works as the backbone of the website and gives the unique required shape. Earlier when there was no framework to support websites, developers used to spend hours typing codes to make a website, but with PHP, the coding is now minimal.


Now, you can fully control your website and edit whatever you think doesn't fit in. KBK Business solutions PHP web development company in Hyderabad has helped a lot of business entrepreneurs to launch a fully operational website without spending too much on it.


Advantages of PHP website

Popularly known as an Open Source programming language. This means you need not depend on the manufacturer for the next version. Additionally PHP is extendible supporting large volume of databases. Works as an independent platform, it runs on most of the platforms. PHP application development is compatible with servers like IIS and APACHE. With extensive benefits of low development and maintenance cost, you can expect high performance and reliability.

KBK Business solutions - regarded as one of the best PHP frameworks for building high-quality elite PHP web development services to all its clients over the world. A handpicked choice for both, developers and clients, we offer rich feature-base that lets developers engineer versatile web applications for more than decades.

PHP development services comprise PHP primarily written in C language and some of it is written in C++ language. The benefit of being platform independent supports operating systems like Windows, Unix, Linux. Further PHP web developed applications can run on any platform saving lot of effort and cost. With simple and easy to.learn and code, it easily connects with the database reducing time to connect. Additionally, multiple databases can be integrated with PHP.

Working on a fast pace, PHP provides the developer with a facility to develop the web applications. It also loads the website easily and fast. Other applicant take a lot of time to connect the database and fetch the data.

When it comes to maintenance, the architecture in PHP framework helps the code to be easily maintained and used. Custom PHP development services are easier to opt for and easy to maintain the code automatically.


For the purpose of testing in web application development tools, it is done smoothly and automates different tasks with a security feature and it brings protection from outer attacks and security threats. There is a lot of stability compared to other programming languages and it is so much easier to fix the issues and bugs easily in PHP development services.


KBK Business solutions backed by highly skilled and experienced people to assists the customers in all possible ways, such as following:-Educating the consumers about the boons of using the PHP frameworkChoosing the apt framework, top notch and affordable PHP application framework development for the customer from PHP's expansive list of frameworksBuilding business apps for the client KBK best PHP application development companySupporting and Maintaining post implementation of the business applicationIt is necessary to know the type of business application that the consumer wants to build before starting the work and suggesting any framework.

Example, if a consumer who wants to make an eCommerce application, then he or she would require the framework that has the in-built libraries along with the proven extensions for trafficking with credit card processing.Also, the hosting environment has a significant role to play when one has to decide the type of framework to be used.

Example, while some frameworks work best with MySQL, there are others which include libraries for working with key-value and document store databases.

KBK Business solutions PHP development company in Hyderabad and always guided its customers by choosing the right framework for building its business applications.

What do we provide as a PHP Developer?

Our PHP services are categorized into three main categories:-Custom PHPPHP CMSPHP Frameworks

We offer our PHP web services for building websites, mobile applications, SEO services, E-commerce website and app, web hosting services.


In-built Applications of PHP

The following applications can be used widely for custom PHP development services.

  • Dynamic website templates
  • Online communities
  • Image Output
  • E-commerce Applications: OpenCart, ZenCart, Magento, Prestashop, Ubercart
  • PHP Enterprise software: 1. Web content management system 2. Customer Relationship Management System 3. Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
  • PHP for web database applications
  • Mobile apps

The success of PHP Website Development Company

Today nearly 80% of websites are using PHP 7.1 or lower and that is out 10 websites, 8 are using PHP because of the biggest advantage of faster and better. Some of the renowned PHP web development services are accessed by Tesla, Wikipedia, WordPress, Tumblr, Yahoo, Facebook, Mailchimp, Flickr, iStockphoto, Baidu, Canva, Slack, Etsy, Cloudfare etc.

We always recommend consumer to explore the various PHP framework service offerings that KBK Business solutions, provides to know which framework would give the best results for their growing business needs.

To have a better idea, do look up the numerous PHP projects that we have carried out for our esteemed customers at custom PHP Projects as well to confirm whether we really fit into your concept of a perfect offshore IT Solutions Partner.


Why Choose us?

We are a professionally trained and certified PHP website development company offering excellent and extensive PHP development services for startup, SME and large corporations who need expanded web design services embedded with several features.

Our services are known for technically skilled and error-free with strong customer service and support.